Have a look around in your children's room what they have.. 

Remote-controlled car, drone, walkie-talkie, toys with LED lights, light-up wand, flashlight, light-up shoes, smart watch, smart phone, tablet, digital camera, wireless headphones, hoverboard and etc.. 

All of these use lithium batteries.

And, now ask yourself these questions..

Do you always attend while these are in use?

Are you sure your children don't charge them unattended?

For example, hoverboards have been involved in numerous incidents of fires and explosions. Children have been injured, and properties damaged when hoverboards caught fire during charging or use.

Or cases related to children's toys are reported also, such as an overheated lithium battery in a remote-control car caused a house fire.

FIRESHIELD will detect before fire or smoke is evident, so you don't have to worry even if your children are charging their hoverboard or smart phone over the night anymore. FIRESHIELDS will keep an eye on them and protect your children.