Your home, where your loved ones are and where all your memories are..
Your home should be your sanctuary, a place of comfort and peace, a happy place where everyone can enjoy without worry.

But what happens when the unseen danger of lithium battery fires threaten everything? Like any other accidents, lithium battery fire occurs at unexpected moments. It may not give you enough time to protect your loved ones. Is your happy home still called the place where everyone can enjoy without worry?
We started to develop lithium battery fire detectors years ago to provide safety to aircrafts in the sky. Now, we would like to implement our technology into your home to protect your family and home.


FIRESHIELD is a small device that you can install without effort to any place you want to protect. It’s designed for early detection of lithium battery fires up to 2 hours before fire or smoke is evident, and will send you an alert immediately to ensure you can separate hazardous batteries / devices before becoming a serious fire risk. It’s connectable to any smart home system such as Alexa, Google and others. You can also connect multiple FIRESHIELDS to protect the whole family member.